Good governance in action

Good governance is best seen while in the decision-making process. We are all more satisfied and feel that the process has been productive when needs of everyone are discussed and taken into account.

Most decisions are taken by the municipal assembly at regular meetings. Members of the municipal assembly are elected to make decisions on behalf of their community. As such, they have a responsibility to represent the interests of their constituents as well as the entire community.

The main bodies through which decision-making are passed are the Municipal Assembly and the Executive of the Municipality (the Mayor and the Directorates).

The Municipal Assembly is the one to devolp policies, but it is the executive of the municipality that implements these policies. Put simply, the assembly answers the question - Which policies should be developed, while the executive - How should those policies be executed?
Therefore, the practical views on decision-making are presented in this section.

Steps in decision-making

The decision-making process at the local level implies mechanisms and institutions of the Municipality that determine the ways of developing the decision-making process. When the decision-making process does not function properly, complaints about lack of information, inadequate consultation and arrogant behavior are becoming more frequent. When this is the case, the...
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Principles of the decision-making process

As part of the decision-making process, members of the municipal assembly should take into account interests of their constituents as well as the entire community. At the same time, they should also ensure that decisions are taken both impartially and legally. This section examines three important principles that support decision-making in the local government.

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