About This Platform

About this platform

Posted: Feb 27, 2018
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Good governance in Kosovo has emerged as a need to bring local decision-makers closer to citizens for purposes of promoting sustainable governance. Citizens and representatives of public institutions should be familiar with principles of good governance in order for the good government to be able to flourish. 
Undoubtedly, there are public officials in Kosovo who have difficulties in understanding good governance when exercising their daily tasks and standards that they must adhere to in the exercise of official duties. Good governance addresses this problem by providing clarification on the relationship between municipal bodies and citizens, among the municipal bodies themselves and each municipal body towards the state, by determining good decision-making processes as defined by law. 
This platform is useful in fulfilling the knowledge gap of municipal officials, assisting public representatives and citizens, as both parties will be able to continuously verify the correct functioning of procedures and relations in public institutions. 
Enabling citizens in Kosovo to compare what they read in terms of Good Governance to what they experience every day in their interactions with municipal institutions, and the ability to hold the latter accountable will increase drastically. 


So check out this platform if you are: 
 • A municipal assembly member 
 • Want to be a member of the municipal assembly 
 • A citizen interested to know about local government 
 • An organization supporting the municipality 

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