Local government relations

Good relations based on understanding and seperate rolës will assist different elements of the municipality to work together effectively.

This section contains the most important relations of the local government which help in promoting practices of good governance.

The mayor and members of municipal assembly

Relations between the mayor and members of the assembly are very important because good leadership and good relations contribute in effective participation of members of the assembly in good governance.  

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Mayor and Administration

The main role of the administration is to support the mayor in his/her work. This includes implementing the goals and strategies of the mayor, managing the provision of municipal services and providing advice and support. The administration can improve good governance by being familiar and supporting the legal obligations.

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Members of the Municpal Assembly and Administration

The relations between the Municipal Assembly and the Administration is one of the most complex relations in local governance and is very important for achieving good governance. A number of factors contribute to good relations between the assembly and the administration. These include good will, understanding roles, communication, and a good understanding of legal...
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Municipality and Central Government

Relations between the central government and the municipality reflect the dynamics of the horizontal and vertical power between one-another, and consequences concerning the autonomy and discretion that municipality has as against the control and direction of the central government.  

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