Once we have a vision and goals and objectives defined for the future of the city, the assembly shall determine which issues are taken into account during the year or the mandate.

While some issues are taken into account for legal reasons, most issues end up on the agenda because they are policies and priorities of the municipality or issues that members of the assembly have individually put forward for discussion. 

11 March 2018

Debate, draft and implementation of the decision

The best place to see what is the agenda of the municipality is the the annual work plan paper, the budget document and other investment plans. These documents show how the assembly structures our future and our priorities, and determines what will or will not be done.

Debate. Drafting decisions of interest to citizens shall be subject to a debate. Before a draft of any policy is made, policy-makers should consult citizens and relevant stakeholders involved in the matter concerned.

After the original act has been drafted - which should be done according to the Regulation no. 01/2017 On the Drafting Procedure and Publication of the Municipal Acts, then the most important phase of the discussion on the decision, initially takes place the internal consultation of local authorities, then financial evaluation of the proposed ac,t and prior to completion of the draft act it undergoes a public consultation. All this process shall pass through several stages through which a balance is found between the various opinions presented.

Policy-making includes:

• Discussion on the activities to be undertaken during the implementation;

• Defining different actors inside and outside the community, as well as their roles;

• Determining the costs and resources needed for policy implementation.

After determining appropriateness of decisions, the executive should discuss and agree with all stakeholders on how the project will be implemented. This is called drafting of a work plan. A work plan is a description of the necessary activities in phases, with approximate time indicators.

Implementing the decision. By adopting a given policy it does not mean that it will be implemented as expected, therefore you, through members of the municipal assembly, or by yourself ask for any information from the mayor or the municipal administration to ensure the quality of policy implementation or regulations previously approved by the municipal assembly.

For the implementation of policies, the municipal executive has working plans. For example, Article 57.2 point d, of the Statutes of the Municipality of Prishtina, states that each director of directorates shall prepare work plans and presents periodical work reports. These work plans:

• List all tasks required for the implementation of a project;

• Set tasks in the order in which they will be implemented;

• Define responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders;

• Explain timing of each activity.

Work plans in addition to this serve aslo project implementation guides and a basis for project monitoring. Therefore they help:

• That projects are completed on time;

• Activities should be carried out properly;

• Identify who is in charge of which activity; and

• Determine when a project implementation begins


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