Municipal Assembly

Municipal Assembly is the highest body in the municipality. This body is composed of members of the municipal assembly, who are elected by the direct vote of the citizens, and is led by a chairperson who is elected by the majority of the votes of the municipal assembly members.

Municipal Assembly has the right to enact acts and take any implementation measure within their areas of competence. The Municipal assembly oversees the work of the municipal executive and for this it responds directly to the citizens. As far as its responsibilities are concerned, the Municipal Assembly has responsibilities for the areas defined in Article 40.2 of the Law on Local Self-Government.

In the local elections for the assembly, citizens by their vote elect their representative they consider would represent their interests, goals and policies in the legislative body. Representatives who receive enough votes to represent citizens' interests in the legislative bodies do not mean they are experts in certain areas. These representatives may simply be persons that voters fully trust that they are worthy for representation.  


Given that the scope of the municipal assembly is pretty large, then thematic auxiliary bodies have been established in order to review work activities of the assembly. The Municipal Assembly is obliged to establish two permanent committees: the Policy and Finance Committee and the Communities Committee, as well as, depending on needs, would establish other committees,...
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The roles of members of the Municipal Assembly

This section in practical terms summarizes roles that a member of the municipal assembly is expected to play in order to promote good governance. The list is not exhaustive, but activity of the member of the assembly will be executed in the simplest and most direct way possible. Specific functions of a member of the assembly are comprehensively addressed under Article 39...
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