Executive functions in addition to the mayor and the administrative functions in the municipality are exercised by the following bodies:

  • The Mayor’s Office
  • Directorates
  • Head of Personnel

10 March 2018

Municipal Executive

The mayor's office assists the mayor in the performance of his/her duties. The composition of the mayor's office is regulated by internal acts of the municipality, but it usually consists of: Cooperation Section, Legal Affairs Section, Public Relations Section, the Internal Audit Unit, Gender Equality and Human Rights Section, European Integration Section, Municipal Return and Communities Office, Financial Certification Officer.

The municipal administration is organized through the directorates. Each directorate of the municipality is managed by a director who is appointed and dismissed by the mayor. Directors manage and lead their directorates. Directors share the similar role of ministers managing various sectors.

Names of the directorates vary from municipality to municipality. Directorates which in most municipalities have the same organization and names are the following: Directorate for Health and Social Welfare, Directorate for Education and Directorate for Culture and Sports, Directorate for Inspection and Directorate of Administration.

Directors shall, on their duties and responsibilities, regularly report to the mayor and provide him/her with all the information and reports necessary for the decision-making process. In each directorate there are civil servants, who are selected on the basis of competition. The municipal administration consists of a political component, directors, and civil servants component.

The Head of Administration and Personnel organizes the work and coordinates all departments and section in carrying out the administrative work.

The role of the Head of Administration and Personnel is to ensure that civil servants in the municipality perform the work properly, show on time and abide by working hours, adhere to Regulation No. 04/2015 on the Code of Conduct in the Civil Service of the Republic of Kosovo, he/she also drafts job descriptions for each section, office and job position, and is responsible for support services for the municipality as well as for staf services and its training.


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