Principles of the decision-making process

As part of the decision-making process, members of the municipal assembly should take into account interests of their constituents as well as the entire community. At the same time, they should also ensure that decisions are taken both impartially and legally. This section examines three important principles that support decision-making in the local government.


Transparency addresses two issues: the right to public information and the fight against corruption. As explained, these issues imply that: Decisions are taken and implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations of the municipality and legislation in force. There is public access to all information not classified for well-defined reasons as provided by law...
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The municipality is accountable to citizens and accountable on any action, decision and policy.

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Today, inclusiveness and equality for all in municipalities is indispensable. Unfortunately, there are still forms of discrimination in practice. When not addressed immediately, these issues grow and become more difficult to resolve. Women, people with special needs, people living in poverty, youth, the elderly, newcomers, LGBTQ communities face barriers to access to...
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