Everyone has the right to compile, submit and receive an answer to the petition for any matters related to the municipal responsibility and competencies. The petition may have to do with certain complaints or requests. Generally, Article 5 of the Administrative Instruction on Transparence in Municipalities shall determine the procedure for reviewing the petition.

29 March 2018


The issue of the number of signatures required for a petition is subject to challenges as far as its review by the assembly is concerned, as to whether the petition has reached the number set by law or not.

Whereas the Regulation on the Procedure for the Drafting and Publication of Acts of the Municipality in Article 13, point 1.5., indirectly requires that the petition is signed by 15% of the citizens of the respective municipality with the right to vote when proposing normative acts, on the other hand the municipalities defined the procedures and the required number of signatures in particular as to reviewing of petitions through the statutes and working regulations by the municipalities. So it is the subject of discussions whether petitions contain a proposal on amending normative acts or not. Therefore, it is always necessary to aks the municipality and request accurate information about the procedures so that the petition is taken into account. However, for purposes of eliminating ambiguity, it would be good that the petition is submitted prior to adoption of the normative act.


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