Competencies and organization of local government

Competencies of local government are regulated by the Constitution of Kosovo and by the Law on Local Self-Government. The purpose of this law is to enable existence of a sustainable system of local self-government and improve efficiency of public services.

In Kosovo, municipal competencies are divided into own competencies, delegated competencies and enhanced competencies.

The organization of local government in Kosovo is based on the European principles of local self-governing institutions. Municipal bodies representing the local government are the municipal assembly and the mayor.

The Mayor is elected by direct citizen vote. The municipal administration is organized in directorates, led by directors, appointed and dismissed by the mayor. The number of directorates varies from municipality to municipality, the most being 14 directorates and the least being 4.

Moreover, municipalities have the right to enter into cooperation with other municipalities for purposes of development and common interests. The activity of the municipal bodies in the sense of the hierarchy is subject to control by the Ministry of Local Government Administration and other sectoral ministries

Own competencies

Own (core) competencies imply complete and exclusive competencies that belong to municipalities only. Own competencies are listed in Article 17 of the Law on Local Self-Government. Areas that are own competency of the municipalities relate to the everyday services and needs of citizens or essential services in order to ensure proper quality of these services, but also...
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Delegated competencies

Central level authorities may delegate responsibility to municipalities regarding cadastral records, civil registration, voter registration, business registration and licensing, distribution of social assistance payments and forest protection. These competencies can be taken from municipalities when they do not have the capacity to exercise them. Therefore, not all of...
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Enhanced comptencies

Some municipalities have enhanced (additional) competencies over certain rights that belong to the central level. Some of these competencies are providing secondary health care, providing services in university education, protection and promotion of cultural and religious heritage. Enhanced competencies have an impact on the creation of conditions for the integration of...
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