Some municipalities have enhanced (additional) competencies over certain rights that belong to the central level. Some of these competencies are providing secondary health care, providing services in university education, protection and promotion of cultural and religious heritage.

Enhanced competencies have an impact on the creation of conditions for the integration of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo in institutions of the country and creation of a stable political environment and opening of prospects for a joint life.

28 February 2018

Enhanced comptencies

Providing of secondary health care

Secondary health care can be organized at the municipal level at the request of the respective municipal assembly, and in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Health.

LLSG specifically states that the Municipality of Mitrovica North, Gracanica and Sterpce shall have competencies to provide secondary healthcare, including registration and licensing of healthcare institutions, employment, wages and salaries, staff training and training of healthcare administrators. Secondary healthcare means hospital, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation services, and emergency transport and public health services.

Providing of services in university education

Municipalities have full competencies as far as provisions of public pre-school, primary and secondary education are concerned, including registration and licensing of educational institutions, hiring, payment of salaries and training of teachers and administrators.

However, the Municipality of Mitrovica North has the competence for higher education, including registration and licensing of school institutions, employment, salaries and training of instructors and of educational administrators.

The Municipality of Mitrovica North enjoys enhanced competencies for higher education in Serbian language, in accordance with the Law No. 03/L-068 on Education in Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo. The Municipality of Mitrovica North may cooperate with any other municipality for the management of the university.

Protection and promotion of cultural and religious heritage

When it comes to the protection of cultural and religious heritage, according to the Law on Special Protective Zones, protection of Serbian Orthodox Monasteries, Churches, other religious sites, as well as historical and cultural sites of particular importance for the Serb community is provided as well as for other communities in the Republic of Kosovo, through the establishment of the Special Protective Zones.


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