Steps in decision-making

The decision-making process at the local level implies mechanisms and institutions of the Municipality that determine the ways of developing the decision-making process.

When the decision-making process does not function properly, complaints about lack of information, inadequate consultation and arrogant behavior are becoming more frequent. When this is the case, the entire process needs to be looked at to see where the problem is and how to address it.

The decision-making process goes through several steps: the first phase, prior to making a decision that consists of setting the agenda, problem structuring, planning for the results and the second phase after making the decision is implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the decision.

This section explains the steps through which the decision-making process undergoes, identifies possible issues and gives suggestions about the good governance process.

Ideas, needs and opinions from the community

The stage before making a decision is extremely important where by getting ideas, needs and opinions from you as citizen, definition of the agenda is made where defining of all the problems that your municipality has is made.

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Debate, draft and implementation of the decision

Once we have a vision and goals and objectives defined for the future of the city, the assembly shall determine which issues are taken into account during the year or the mandate. While some issues are taken into account for legal reasons, most issues end up on the agenda because they are policies and priorities of the municipality or issues that members of the assembly...
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Monitoring of the decision

In this section we are talking about mechanisms that enable monitoring implementation of municipal policies. There are a number of mechanisms through which the work of the municipality is monitored.

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