Relations between the central government and the municipality reflect the dynamics of the horizontal and vertical power between one-another, and consequences concerning the autonomy and discretion that municipality has as against the control and direction of the central government.  

31 March 2018

Municipality and Central Government

General overview:

The central government is responsible for developments at the level of the whole country, while municipalities are responsible for developments within a particular territory of the country. In order for state policies to be implemented at local level, the government drafts laws and other sub-legal acts, it allocates considerable budgetary resources and human resources to assist the municipalities. Additionally, the Government provides oversight of policy implementation throughout municipalities.

Oversight is organized to assist municipalities in providing community services in accordance with national policies and applicable laws. The organization of government liaison is done through laws, strategic plans, direct cooperation, and through line ministry with the municipality. Moreover, if the Ministry of Local Government Administration finds that the mayor has violated the laws and the constitution of the country, then it may suspend the mayor.

In order to maintain the dynamics between local and central level, mechanisms of administrative review have been built to prevent violation of the law by the municipalities during their work (preliminary examination) and also, if this is not the case, it is possible that work of municipal bodies is reviewed after making of decisions and before their implementation by the oversight body – the MLGA. The administrative review is limited to ensuring compliance of municipal activities with the constitution and the law. This ensures high autonomy for the municipality.

For more information, see the section on delegated competences.


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