The stage before making a decision is extremely important where by getting ideas, needs and opinions from you as citizen, definition of the agenda is made where defining of all the problems that your municipality has is made.

08 March 2018

Ideas, needs and opinions from the community

Setting the Agenda

Vision for the municipality. The principles of good governance require that the agenda is sett on the basis of the overall vision of the community. First and foremost, we need to have an image of where we want to see our municipality after many years and here citizens have the main role to play through the mechanisms of civic participation and vote they would express their will, the more active the citizens are through formal and informal meetings the better is shaped the vision of the city.

Goals and objectives of the community. The objectives of the community are identified with the overall image of the municipality and give the right direction for implementation. The goal can emerge from a certain problem of the municipality, e.g. polluted air. The goal is to find a policy designed to reduce the scale of pollution. While goals cannot be measured, the objectives can be measured; therefore the goal is expressed quantitatively through objectives. The objectives should be “Smart”. They should be:

• Specific - Clear what, when, and how the problem will change

• Measurable - Possibility to be quantitatively measured

• Reachable - Possible to be achieved

• Real - Possible to be implemented as intended

• Bound to deadlines

Planners, implementers and citizens should also identify limitations they may face in terms of policy execution and how they can overcome them. Based on the extent of limitations and opportunities, the municipality may decide to continue with a given policy or reject it.

Goals and objectives provide the basis for monitoring and evaluation of a project. They are the arguments on which the success or failure of the project is measured.

Structuring. The ideas, needs and opinions of the community are best structured by civil society organizations. The structured agenda enables citizens to identify solutions to problems that need to be defined. The solutions that are offered are made after analyses are conducted and sufficient data obtained, therefore the role of civil society organizations is very important. They, through their experts based on opinions of citizens, explore and advocate for the problems of the municipality.

What can I do to participate in setting the agenda of my municipality?

As a citizen you should use the mechanisms for civic participation, see what the problems the municipality comes accros, inform about the date and time of public meetings and consultations, and do participate in them. Stay informed and be active not only of meetings organized by the municipality, but participate in discussions and information activities of civil society organizations that provide you the opportunity to present your attitudes and concerns through them. While as a municipal official, hold as many meetings as possible with citizens, both formal and informal, so that any policies developed become more comprehensive and therefore legitimate.


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