Public information is a unilateral and simpler form of communication of municipal institutions, which means that municipal officials should constantly inform citizens about activities and acts of the municipality.

26 March 2018

Public information

Public information is conducted through public announcements in the most frequented places; on written and electronic media; and official municipal website or social network sites. All municipalities defined this through the guidelines on public institution websites to have their websites in order for them to publish all public documents so that the information is as accessible as possible and include all documents according to Article 4.2 of the Administrative Instruction on Transparency in Municipalities.

In addition, municipalities are obliged to respond to any requests for access to public information through the information officer. The Information Officer receives and conducts the initial review of the requests approved by the municipality; in this case the municipality is obliged to make a decision within 7 days to allow access to the requested document, or to give a written response about reasoning and rejection of the request. If a response is not received then the applicant has the right to submit a request for review of the case, and if he or she does not receive a response, he or she may initiate proceedings before the Ombudsperson Institution, other public institutions, competent courts, in accordance with the applicable law.


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