Posted: Feb 27, 2018
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The municipal civil service that includes all persons employed by the municipal authority whose salaries are paid from the budget of the Republic of Kosovo, including directors of directorates.

Qualified examination of legal and financial compliance or performance carried out to meet management requirements (internal audit) or by an external audit entity or another independent auditor to meet the obligations set out by law (external audit)

Shall imply the resources, persons and financial means needed for good governance services and programs

Budget of Municipality
The document that the Municipal Assembly approves for each fiscal year, which contains the plan of activities and economic management within the fiscal year, and includes all revenue projections, capital and daily expenses of the Municipality.

The process of transfer from central to local level of functions of governance, management, administration and property, assets. This transfer includes: power, authority, functions, resources and responsibilities.

Public documents
They are any official document and all information recorded in any form, drafted or received and maintained by public institutions.

Institutions that have the power to implement plans, actions or laws.

An amount of money given to the municipality by the government or international institutions for a specific purpose.

A system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one over the other by status or authority.

Local Youth Action Council
A youth representative body, composed of representatives of non-for-profit youth organizations of the central and local level.

A group of people appointed for a specific function, usually made up of members of a larger group.

Having the necessary skills and knowledge to do something successfully.

Basic unit of local self-government in Kosovo.

Means population of the municipality which is composed of many different groups of common local interest.

Conflict of interest
Situation in which a person is able to have personal gains from actions or decisions taken in the capacity of an official duty.

Action or process whereby one gets advice.

Municipal Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
Macroeconomic environment-based analysis to establish the basis for budget planning for years to come in line with strategic priorities

Municipal Assembly
The highest body of the municipality that consists of its elected members.

Treasury Single Account
Account in which all public money collected and spent by budget organizations is deposited and processed through it.

Civil participation mechanism
A process involving ordinary people - either on voluntary or mandatory basis and act alone or as part of a group - in order to influence a decision involving important choices that will affect their community.

Internal Audit Unit
An independent unit, which provides objective assurances and advice to the management of the municipality, to increase the value and improve the activity of the budget organization.


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