In this section we are talking about mechanisms that enable monitoring implementation of municipal policies. There are a number of mechanisms through which the work of the municipality is monitored.

20 March 2018

Monitoring of the decision

First, you as a citizen, through mechanisms of direct democracy can give your remarks on the work of the municipality; the most important one through your vote you can allude to implementation or non-implementation of the policies as foreseen. Moreover, the Administrative Instruction on Transparency in Municipalities puts an obligation on municipalities to annually adopt a Transparency Action Plan, which is intended to allow access to monitoring the work of the municipality.

Civil society organizations have an important role to play in day-to-day monitoring the work of the municipality, which at each stage measure the satisfaction in terms of policy-implementation. Through advocacy and reporting, they open the way for a debate on local policy review.

The LLG determines the responsibility of the mayor to report at least once in six months or whenever this is requested by the Municipal Assembly. Although the law has not clarified whether the presented reports will be subject to a voting process as well as consequences of their disapproval, discussions to be conducted there would serve to have the policy-implementation process known.

A good work monitoring process would contain indicators of four types, namely:

•      Introductory indicators: explaining what happens in the project (e.g. the number of slabs placed on the road and amount of the money spent);

•      Production indicators: explainin the outputs of project activities (e.g. number of repaired roads);

•      Result indicators: explaining the activity product (e.g. number of cars using the road); and

•      Impact indicators: measure changes in community conditions (e.g. traffic time is shortened, number of accidents is reduced).

Municipalities should write such strategies that assist in project monitoring as they specify what will be done during project-implementation. Planning needs to show what needs to be monitored, who should monitor and how to conduct monitoring.


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