Roles and relationships in the municipality

Understanding the role and the mutual relations between municipal bodies and functionaries, understanding of differences, of limitations in their activity is vital for the functioning of good governance. Therefore, special role for each of them, as well as mutual relations that arise between them, should be addressed.

Roles in local government

Municipal assembly, mayor, assembly members and municipal administration, all of them play an extremely important role as to the functioning of the municipality. Understanding their roles contributes to improving the proces of good governance. This section shall broaden on the roles of these actors in local government, their functions, their goal and their...
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Local communities and neighborhood and village councils

Creation of forms of cooperation between villages, settlements and urban neighbourhoods is regulated through MLGA Administrative Instruction No. 2008/08, on the Organization and cooperation of municipality with villages, settlements and urban neighborhoods, whereas each municipality through a seperate regulation shall treat this in more detail with this Administrative...
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Local government relations

Good relations based on understanding and seperate rolës will assist different elements of the municipality to work together effectively. This section contains the most important relations of the local government which help in promoting practices of good governance.
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Inter-municipal cooperation

The legal framework in place creates the right of municipalities to enter into inter-municipal and international cooperation, but without the right to form a second or intermediate level.

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