About good local government

Good governance aims at improving the situation of the good governance in Kosovo by informing citizens and representatives of public institutions about the importance of principles of good governance at the municipal level.

Adhering to the principles of good governance leads to better results for local governments and local communities. In this section, readers are provided with basic knowledge and understanding of the concept of good governance.

What is Good Governance?

Good governance does not have to do with making of "correct" decisions, but about the best possible process for making of these decisions. Good governance does not only relate to performance of the institutions, but also to the contribution and participation of citizens in the process of decision-making and enforcement of the decisions.

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Functions of Local Government

Local government is about institutions or specific entities established to exercise state powers which are not reserved for central institutions as well as to provide numerous specific services within a relatively small geographic area.

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Competencies and organization of local government

Competencies of local government are regulated by the Constitution of Kosovo and by the Law on Local Self-Government. The purpose of this law is to enable existence of a sustainable system of local self-government and improve efficiency of public services. In Kosovo, municipal competencies are divided into own competencies, delegated competencies and enhanced...
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