Democracy for Development institute (D4D) has begun with the breakfast briefing series on the topic “Increased participation for good governance” with municipal representatives, civil society, and representatives of youth and women.

Breakfast briefing in Gracanica about “Increased participation for good governance”

In the meeting held in Gracanica, on 2nd of October, guest speakers were the chief of the municipal assembly of Gracanica, chief of the cabinet of the municipal mayor, and representatives of Serb political parties, civil society, youth and women. During this meeting it was discussed the word done until now by the municipality to improve the inclusion of youth and women in decision-making processes as well as in management and lead roles in the municipality. The Municipal officials underlined the absence of women forum in the Municipality of Gracanica, which is very important in the empowerment the women in decision-making and their role in the municipal structures. Also, they promised to work hard in forming the women forum during this local government.

Aside from this, youth representatives in this meeting talked about their undertaken initiatives till now, and one of them was the building of a Youth Centre in the Municipality of Gracanica. Likewise, they talked about the support they got so far from the municipality, and that they continue to receive for the fulfillment of this project that has been started for some time now by a group of youth in Gracanica. Although they keep getting supported by the municipality, the youth expressed their need for further support by nongovernmental organizations and embassies in order to build the Youth Center and get functionalized as soon as possible.

This activity was organized by NGO CDKD within the framework of “Increased participation for good governance” project, implemented by Democracy for Development institute (D4D) and financially supported by Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo.

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