Tuesday’s Salon, with a focus on the topic: "Good Governance: Are Youth and Women included in decision-making processes?" was held on 26th of February 2019, in the Municipality of Gilan.

Good Governance: Are Youth and Women included in decision-making processes?

Strengthening the relationship between local government and citizens is a priority for a good and democratic governance. In this regard, citizen involvement in policy-making enables the local government to get a grasp of new ideas, information and resources in decision-making. However, how does such a conclusion stand for the municipality of Gilan? Are young people and women involved in decision-making processes?

Throughout the discussion it was thoroughly specified that women, but especially young people, should be more determined and demanding in their rights, requests, and innovative ideas. The priority of the Municipality of Gjilan is to create the best conditions for its citizens. Following this line of discussion, the so-called Youth House in Gjilan was mentioned, where on this subject, it was emphasized that its use should be increased by the youth, considering the good conditions that this facility possesses to develop activities, a point of view highlighted by the institutional spaces. On the other hand, as a contribution to the discussion, it was said that good governance does not only correlate to the performance of the institutions, but also to the contribution and participation of the citizens in the decision-making and implementation process, thus it is necessary to address the issue of an increased and intensive cooperation of the Municipality with the citizens.

The panel consisted of: Arbër Ismajli, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Gilan, and Ensar Shaqiri, Students Council of Gilan. The Salon was moderated by Muhamet Halili, Journalist, while the editorial will be written by Asdren Osaj, Policy Researcher, Democracy for Development Institute (D4D).

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