Transparency addresses two issues: the right to public information and the fight against corruption. As explained, these issues imply that:

  • Decisions are taken and implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations of the municipality and legislation in force.
  • There is public access to all information not classified for well-defined reasons as provided by law (such as protection of privacy)
  • Information on decisions, policy implementation and results is made available to you as a citizen so as to enable you to effectively follow and contribute to the work of the municipality, thereby contributing to the fight against corruption

10 March 2018


Transparency does not just mean meeting the minimum obligations stipulated by law. Information should not only be easily and directly accessible to all those affected by decisions and their implementation, but the decisions that are taken should have accompanying information so that every citizen can understand what kind of decision has been taken.

The obligation of transparency is fulfilled in two ways:

  1. Citizens have access to official documents, and institutions have a duty to fulfill this right; and
  2. The obligation of institutions to provide certain categories of data without the need for a specific request by a citizen.

The Constitution of Kosovo has established the right of every citizen to have access to public documents; both at central and local level, creating an obligation on institutions to establish mechanisms for the implementation of this right. The Law on Access to Public Documents regulates this matter in more detail - institutions are obliged to respond within 7 days to requests for access to official documents. In this case, Municipalities are obliged to appoint an officer in charge of receiving and reviewing requests for access to public documents. The Law on Local Self-Government obliges municipal assemblies to establish special regulations for the promotion of transparency in the executive, legislative and administrations of municipalities.


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