Good governance for citizens

Strengthening the relationship between local government and citizens is a priority for good and democratic governance. Inclusion of citizens in policy-making enables local government to create new sources of ideas, information and resources in decision-making.

Importance of citizen participation

Participation of groups, regardless of race, gender, religious belief in the city planning should be considered an elementary right.

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Mechanisms for citizen participation

The best and the safest way to achieve successful and sustainable patterns to ensure citizen participation is through structured and institutionalized mechanisms. Therefore, this section aims at emphasizing the institutionalized mechanisms for citizen participation. Mechanisms of civic participation and development of direct democracy are oultined in a separate chapter...
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Rights of citizens

Citizens should have the right to give opinions, to express their dissatisfaction and to debate the priorities of the municipality. Significant participation empowers citizens to make decisions but also to accept decisions made by those who represent them. Participation means cooperation. Municipalities should stop discrimination. In this regard, the rights pertaining to...
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