Roles in local government

Municipal assembly, mayor, assembly members and municipal administration, all of them play an extremely important role as to the functioning of the municipality. Understanding their roles contributes to improving the proces of good governance.

This section shall broaden on the roles of these actors in local government, their functions, their goal and their responsibilities.

Municipal Assembly

Municipal Assembly is the highest body in the municipality. This body is composed of members of the municipal assembly, who are elected by the direct vote of the citizens, and is led by a chairperson who is elected by the majority of the votes of the municipal assembly members. Municipal Assembly has the right to enact acts and take any implementation measure within...
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The mayor is elected every four years through direct voting in the manner provided by the Law on Local Elections. The mayor in performing his/her functions and exercising of his/her powers is assisted by a deputy mayor who is appointed by the mayor and assists him/her in the exercise of daily executive functions as well as acts on behalf of the mayor in his/her absence.
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Municipal Executive

Executive functions in addition to the mayor and the administrative functions in the municipality are exercised by the following bodies:

  • The Mayor’s Office
  • Directorates
  • Head of Personnel
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